DnnBootster Themes & color scheme's

The DnnBootster skin/theme has 18 colors and there is a theme file that you can customize as well.

Changing themes

To change the color theme of the skin is easy to do... Open the skin.ascx and Home.ascx files found in the root of the skin folder 'Bootster'. At the top of the file look for a line with the ID of 'DnnCssThemeInclude' like below:

<!-- Theme Css File -->
<dnn:DnnCssInclude ID="DnnCssThemeInclude" runat="server" FilePath="assets/css/themes/grey.css" PathNameAlias="SkinPath" />
<!-- Theme Css File -->




Warm grey






Cool blue



Summer twilight



Sandy stone



Charta use



Key lime pie



Zene haze



Tech office



Friends Á foes



Bloggy blues



Only human



Zen master









Red hot



Chocolate jazz



Custom & Bespoke theme creation

Looking for a theme that is unique to you or are you looking for a custom theme to be created delivered by your client?


DnnConsulting specializes in all things Dnn, this also means custom and bespoke themes/skins.

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DnnConsulting is specialized in:

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